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Junior Tennis Festival

Every year our Club hosts an annual Tennis Festival which involves internal competitive matches between members. This year, with the help of Excel Tennis Academy, we were able to host a Junior Tennis Festival!

The day comprised of friendly matches between juniors who have been working hard on their tennis all year in the coaching programme.

The day kicked off with a Parent-and-Child Mini Red tournament and our Mini Orange Singles event. Great tennis and sportsmanship could be seen on all courts. We were even blessed with great weather!

Following on from these events, our 11-14 Boys Singles competition got underway. It was great to see the boys passion and competitiveness on court - I'm sure they'll be recruited for our teams soon!

Well done and thank you to all competitors - we hope everyone enjoyed the day. We hope to repeat the event annually, as we do our adult tournament, with hopefully even more competitors and events in the years to come.

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