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We strive to ensure that all children, young people and adults at risk are safeguarded from abuse and have an enjoyable tennis experience. 

Everyone who is involved in tennis has a shared responsibility to support this by promoting the welfare of all children, young people and adults at risk.

As a club, we have a safeguarding officer and safeguarding policy to help us achieve this.

Our current welfare officer is Rachael Moon. Her role is to ensure that the club has an effective child protection and welfare policy in place.  If you have any queries or safeguarding concerns, please contact her on

Soon, Laura Kemp will be stepping in as welfare officer.

Additionally, all committee members complete the mandatory LTA safeguarding training.

For further information on our safeguarding policy, please visit our 'Policies' page here.

For further details about the LTA's safeguarding policies and procedures, please visit their website here.

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