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Charlie Rogers


Favourite Player: Roger Federer.  In my opinion best all round player and an inspiration to keep playing when you get older

Favourite Shot: The sliced backhand drop shot, mainly because it winds up Dougie Rivers

One (or two) things not many people know about me: My favourite sport was rugby. I captained Old Richians 1st XV in Gloucester up to 1977 when I moved to Oxford. I then joined Oxford Rugby Club playing regularly for their 1st XV.  The highlight of which was being picked to play for Oxfordshire county.

"When reaching the age of 40, the injuries I sustained while playing rugby were taking their toll, so I decided to retire from the game. I then took up water skiing, bought a ski boat and joined the 3t’s Water Sports Club in Standlake. It was here I was first introduced to tennis, the club having its own tennis court.  The club held an annual mixed doubles tournament which I had the pleasure of winning on at least 3 separate occasions, each with different partners.

I first joined KBS tennis club with my wife Carole in the mid 80’s, soon after it first opened. Unfortunately with work commitments starting up Rogers Motor Factors, I had little time to play so my membership lapsed. I rejoined the club about 3 or 4 years ago and was soon coerced by Andy Dance and Pete Osman to join the committee.  I seem now to have adopted the role of club maintenance man, having a natural ability for DIY, which during lockdown, has been a life saver keeping me busy.

A couple of seasons ago  I was appointed captain of the C-team. Wish it was because of my tennis ability. Unfortunately, I only got the job because no one else would do it.   I’m always looking for new players so if you're interested in playing competitively with a great bunch of blokes, then please, please get in touch.

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