Duncan Smith, Chair, and Tom Wilsdon, Coach Nominated for LTA Awards

Each year, the LTA Tennis Awards highlight the incredible achievements and contributions of people across Britain. Launched in 2015 with the help of former LTA president Cathie Sabin OBE, the awards recognise the many thousands of inspirational individuals involved in tennis, dedicating their precious time and energy: including 25,000 volunteers, 4,672 coaches and 975 officials. The Awards also highlight the incredible achievements of some 22,000 schools, 2,768 clubs and over 9,276 LTA approved tournaments. The contribution of these individuals and venues helps to bring fans and players closer to the game we all love.

This year, we can proudly say that our Chairman, Duncan Smith, has been nominated as 'Volunteer of the Year' and our coach, Tom Wilsdon, has been nominated as 'Coach of the Year'.

Tennis Oxfordshire released statements alongside the nominations.


"Firstly, Duncan has worked tirelessly over the past 4 years on the new court building project at our tennis club that will increase the club's capacity from 2 to 4 tennis courts.

He secured funding from the LTA to be able to provide pay-and-play at the club to further give back to the community in which the club is located.

It goes without saying that our club has been extremely fortunate to have as chairman someone with a background of financial management at a high level. This has finally come into fruition this year with the planning permission officially in place and a date set for the commencement of the courts being built.

He has worked incredibly hard on expanding the club's offering at the beginning of the year and, when Covid-19 posed problems, he was incredibly responsive ensuring that the safety of club members came first."


"Tom has taken over as Head Coach at Kingston Bagpuize and Southmoor tennis club this year and has put a huge amount of effort into building up the numbers of juniors and adults attending coaching sessions, from mini red through to adult groups and cardio tennis.

I believe the junior numbers have gone up from the teens to nearly 50 attending regular sessions, and this is a small village club with just two courts.

Tom has a great social media presence and through this has been expanding his reach, and able to offer fast responses to any queries.

On court Tom is always sure to make the sessions fun, and even in the pouring rain there is never any doubt that Tom's sessions will go ahead and he is sure to have the children enjoying themselves and apparently not even noticing the rain!

He also encourages everyone to be involved with tennis, watching and talking about the professional matches, and trying out LTA challenges.

If I had to describe Tom's coaching approach I would say it is built around a huge enthusiasm for tennis."

Tom has put a huge amount of effort this year into building junior and adult numbers in coaching sessions! He is incredibly enthusiastic and he keeps his sessions fun and engaging! Off court, he uses social media to keep tennis alive by creating fun skills videos and also engaging with professional tennis. We are incredibly proud to have Tom coaching at our Club!