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Weina Jiang


Favourite Player: I can’t decide between Federer or Nadal

Favourite Shot: Forehand

One (or two) things not many people know about me: I’m a statistician by profession, but secretly I could be a mole catcher.  I caught three moles a few years ago and my lawn has been mole-free ever since.


"I was completely utterly un-sporty as a child -  failing PE exams year after year.  I never thought I’d ever fall in love with any sport until I discovered tennis five years ago.   When Laura K. first pushed me onto the court one Sunday morning,  I remember feeling anxious and self-conscious, playing against people far above my level.  But everyone was so supportive, encouraging,  and relaxed.  Gradually the feeling of trepidation gave way to enjoyment, fun and sometimes even competitiveness.  Sunday morning tennis social became a weekend ritual.  I’m now playing on the women’s B team together with my teenage daughter.   I’m grateful for having such a lovely club in our village and for the people running it behind the scenes.  Anyone who is thinking of picking up a sport, please come and join us and give tennis a go!"

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