LTA advice for Venues - COVID 19

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CLICK HERE for link to the Official LTA site for advice to Tennis Club Venues

As of 19th March ...

Adapting sessions to accommodate the advice on social distancing:

  1. Adopt low player-to-court ratios (such as singles or doubles) or individual coaching as per the Government’s advised social distancing measures (defined by Public Health England as spending no more than 15 minutes and not within a 2-metre distance talking to someone)

  2. Avoid close proximity when giving feedback, or when players are resting

  3. Ensure no physical contact between players during warm-ups or games

  4. No other unnecessary extra-curricular or social activity should take place

Further Government information around social distancing is available at here.

Adopting best practice in relation to hygiene, especially before and after training sessions, including but not limited to:

  1. Players should wash hands before and after a tennis session without exception (or use an alcohol gel if washing hands is not possible)

  2. Clean and wipe down equipment, including rackets, courtside benches, cones.

  3. Do not allow racket sharing or use of communal rackets

  4. For tennis balls, consider using new balls where possible, and consider using a small number of balls for a lesson so fresh balls can be used for each session; achieve this in a financially feasible way, coaches can consider using a small number of balls (1-2 cans) for a lesson so fresh balls can be used for each session

  5. Avoid touching your face