LEAGUE TENNIS - Cancelled ... indefinitely

Received from the OLTA League: I can confirm that there will  be no further play in  the Winter 2019/20 Babolat and Midweek Leagues. I can also confirm that the start of the Summer 2020 Babolat and Midweek Leagues is delayed indefinitely.  Everything suggests that it will be late summer at the earliest before the threat level has decreased sufficiently to re-start competitive play. If this proves to be the case then the Summer 2020 leagues (Babolat and Midweek)  will be cancelled and we’ll aim to get the few “must play” matches from the Winter 2019/20 season completed in early September. This will allow us to make the correct promotions/demotions before the start of the 2020/21 winter season in early October. Of course this timetable may be wildly optimistic. Rest assured that we will keep you updated when there is new information to share.  


Justine Cardy

KBS TC Match Secretary