Club tournament 2020 is here!

**** GLOBAL EMAIL - Adult Tournament ****

Hi Peeps

It's that time again - the harbinger of summer, yes it's the KBSTC Club Tournament

I'm addressing this email to Adults, because Andy Dance and Ed Large will be sorting out the Junior competitions.. soon.

You'll have noticed we're revamping the KBS Website, not least the Home Page which now has QUICK LINKS ...and yes, it includes TOURNAMENT 2020 signup. Just click on the link!

Andy Dance will be the main man regarding the tournaments, and I will hover in the background to help him.

This will be last time we hold the Tournament on 2 courts ...'cos next year we'll have 4 ...  ... so please sign up and make this the best ever!   

**** COVID 19 ALERT ****

At the moment the draw is scheduled to be held 26th March from 8pm in the Waggon & Horses, Southmoor., but due to the Coronavirus it may be we have to change ... I'll keep you informed of any alterations.


Pete Osman

Club Administrator