New Website - Menu items in brief

The Website MENU

Home - the home page!

Contact - send enquiry email.

Contact/Club contacts - names, details of officers.

Our Club - some stuff about the club

Our Club/Policies - Constitution, Club Policies

Our Club/Playing - info on club facilities

Membership - How to Apply for membership

Coaching - Coaching programmes

Coaching/News - Blog relating to coaching ..just drival at the moment

Members Area (Login) - explains how get a logon id to get access to member area

Members Area/League Tennis - stuff related to League tennis, availability sheets

Members Area/Court Booking - book a court (still uses Google Calendar)

Members Area/Light Tokens and Merchandise - as it says.

Members Area/Membership contacts - names, phone, email of club members

Members Area/Tournament - tournament details, rules, past winners

Members Area/Welfare Officer - Sally's page

Please take time to read Membership and Members Area.