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Courts Reopening: March 2021

We hope you are well and are excited to be able to get back on court on Monday! As a club, we have had a busy few months and are looking forward to welcoming our members back onto our now 4 courts!


Below are the full details on our plans for reopening. Please read in full before attending our courts.


Covid Guidance from the LTA:

  • The LTA has confirmed that "Outdoor tennis courts will be able to open from 29 March. This will mean recreational tennis will be able to resume, including singles and doubles social play, 1:1 coaching and formally organised activity for groups, including group coaching"

  • The Clubhouse will remain closed except for emergency access to the toilets, collecting ball tubes for open sessions and the manual floodlight switches - if you are forced to use the Clubhouse, please wipe down all the surfaces after use

  • The Club is installing a code lock on the clubhouse door, which will be available to members. Until the new lock is fitted, please continue to use your access key

  • KBS Tennis Club will be providing hand sanitiser at the entrance  to the courts and in convenient locations between the courts - please use it

  • Do not attend our courts if you are experiencing any symptom of Covid-19

  • Further details of the LTA's guidance can be found on their website


New Procedures for Court Booking and Floodlights

I am sure you are all aware, the tennis club now has 2 additional courts, a digital gate and LED floodlights. In the future, court booking and floodlighting will all be controlled completely online but, due to internet problems, this isn't possible at the moment. We hope to have this fully set up within a week of opening. Once this is possible, all members will receive an email detailing how to use the new system.

Additionally, the central floodlights are only temporary as we await the arrival of the final lamps.

For now, please continue using the OLD entrance gate (to the left of the Clubhouse as you approach the courts) and use the manual switches for the floodlights (which can be found inside the Clubhouse). If you switch the floodlights on, please ensure you switch them off when you leave.

If you don't own a key for the gate, please contact us.



  • Anyone involved in the coaching programme should have received the relevant information in regards to the coaching programme from Ed

  • The Club is hosting free 'Return to Tennis' activities for both members and non-members. Find out more...

Court Utilisation Plan

Our Court Utilisation Plan has been developed over the last few months to ensure we have a mixed and diverse set of activities taking place on our courts. It takes into account social sessions, matches, team practice, coaching and all other activities.

This plan will be continually under review as we reopen and throughout the summer so that we can continue offering what is best for our members and the wider community.


 If you have any questions regarding any of the information above, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please keep an eye out for a future email detailing the new procedures once the internet problems are resolved.


We look forward to seeing you back on court!

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