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Rachael Moon: Secretary


Favourite Player: David Goffin

Favourite Shot: Forehand, unquestioningly

One thing not many people know about me: Despite loving driving now, it took me 4 attempts to pass my driving test. Including failing coming out of the test centre!

"I've played tennis since I was 5 and have been a member of the Club for just as long! I spent time on the committee as the junior representative before I went to university where I was lucky enough to get to play on their teams. Since I graduated, I have taken on the role of secretary. My favourite memory with the Club has to be finals day - it's great to have so many members down the courts, lots of tennis on display and a great atmosphere. I played my first Club Tournament Final when I was 11. I hadn't played much competitive tennis before and believed myself to be playing a best of 5 sets match! Therefore, when the umpire was announcing I'd won (after 2 sets), I didn't realise I just asked if I could go and get a drink!"

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