Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor Tennis Club, Draycott Rd, Southmoor, Abingdon OX13 5BY

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For Beginners (and Scared People)


We all know how scary it can be when you feel you'd like to join a club, but don't want to look silly. Well this may help you dip that toe in the water.  


There was a small group of beginners who used to call themselves "Rubbish Rackets", but no longer, as now some are playing in competitive league matches... so it proves it can be done. 


Laura co-ordinates a beginners self help group and welcomes anyone and everyone.  


You don't have to be a member of the club, you don't have to be fit or even own a racket and for your first four visits you don't even have to pay anything... BUT you do have to be prepared to have laugh!   


So why not give it a go? You've nothing to lose!  

Give Laura a shout and she'll talk you through it.

Laura Kemp

Telephone: (01865) 821023