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Andy Dance

KBS Tennis 2021.jpeg

Favourite Player: Andre Agassi (Best returner in the history of tennis)

Favourite Shot: Sliced Backhand

One (or two) things not many people know about me: I have performed live on stage as part of the Dancing Dads dance group for the American Dance School and hope to again one day.


"I began playing rugby at the age of 11 for my school and my local club Abingdon RFC. I went on to play as an adult for many years enjoying the game and the social life. I began to play tennis 9 years ago after I was encouraged by two senior players (Doug & Nigel) while collecting my eldest daughter from her lesson. I have enjoyed playing tennis ever since and play for the men’s B team.

I am an LTA level 1 & 2 tennis coach and volunteer with the mini green players with Tom each week.  I am also 

one of the organisers of the annual KBS tennis festival and have organised other social events with club members.

I am looking forward to having 4 courts available so we can arrange some friendly tournaments with other clubs and continue the growth of the club for all levels of players."

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