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President's New Year Message

As this wretched year for so many of us draws to a close, with no early prospect of respite for some time, that is no excuse not to look back on 2020 with my thanks and gratitude to the many members of KBS TC and our superb Excel coaching team who have done all they could to keep our club open and accessible during such a challenging time.


As the club is about to embark in January on a major and exciting expansion plan, giving us the much needed extra two courts, special recognition has to go firstly to our very hard-working chairman, Duncan Smith, who - with the backing of his committee - has put in countless hours of hard work to secure the funding and legal underpinning of the project.


The many weeks of lockdown and tier restrictions have also given a dedicated team of painters/handymen the chance to give the clubhouse a much-needed repaint/refurbishment, outside and in, with new chairs and table, such that we now have a clubhouse of which we can be truly proud. The club is very grateful to them and I don't need to mention them by name as we all know who they are!


Covid anxieties aside, 2021 will mark a major turning point in the history of KBS TC and all our members can look forward with confidence to the extra playing and coaching opportunities this will bring.


With my warmest wishes to all our members and their families for a happier and healthy new year.


Nigel Shaw


29 Dec 2020

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